4 Responses to “SKY-216 Dirty Minded Wife Advent Vol.24-Akari Asagiri [DVD-ISO]”

  1. abcd says:

    Dear admin,

    can you upload ALL your new and old dvd and bd iso posts to freakshare also?
    so that we can buy premium under freakshare and proceed.
    thank you very much!

    [requested freakshare because a lot of old dvd and bd iso posts already posted under this host, so only mainly new posts need uploading to freakshare…]

  2. abcd says:

    Dear admin,

    following comments above, not sure if TPG or admin is really using freakshare as the main host, as stated in your website header “New Main Filehost”.

    browsing through TPG website (strictly dvd + bd iso posts only), the latest posts seems to be uploaded to filepost, while the older ones freakshare.

    we want to proceed with freakshare premium account, but if the future posts are to filepost, then we are lost… can TPG or admin clarify? so we can start getting the “correct” premium account?

    please do not delete any files/posts! please continue to upload as many dvd and bd iso posts!! we will support TPG and admin!! it is very hard (maybe, near impossible) to find a site like this now!! so our wish is really hope that all posts can be consolidated in freakshare first, then other hosts as mirrors…

    please also have faith, we have basic integrity!! files are strictly for personal private viewing and no other further uses!!

    • admin says:

      For this year, TPG will use Filepost as the main host for new entries. Old posts will be replaced/added with Filepost links later. Please proceed to buy Filepost premium account. Other mirrors might be added as well.

      • abcd says:

        Dear Admin,

        thanks for the clarification!

        if you have noticed, we also left comments in a couple of old posts, mainly the BD ISO posts…

        So, in the process of replacing/adding Filepost links, please kindly do so for ALL the old posts – dvd n bd iso.

        (actually, just adding new links is preferred, if existing links works, some of us may just like these working links to be left intact)

        thank you!

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